What is Travel Insurance?

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than being forced to cancel a pre-paid family vacation. Often time, travelers already have their tickets in hand, their luggage packed and their hearts set on the destination. Unfortunately, most expenses for travel are nonrefundable once purchased even if they are never used. This makes having to cancel a trip not only frustrating but often a large loss financially. There are many different types of … [Continue reading]

What is Real Estate Insurance?

More often referred to as Real Estate Title Insurance, Real Estate insurance is meant to protect customers in the case of financial loss due to any defects associated with purchasing a title. This type of policy is meant to protect a new owner from … [Continue reading]

What is Medical Insurance?

Life is filled with the unexpected. Because of this, each day could potentially come with an accident. No matter how healthy a person is, no matter their overall caution, accidents simply happen. And while they cannot always be prevented there are … [Continue reading]

What is House Insurance?

House insurance is more commonly known as homeowner’s insurance. Owning a home can be very expensive. From the initial purchase, taxes, and growing interest - home ownership is pricey enough with adding additional fees. However, homeowners insurance … [Continue reading]

What is Health Insurance?

Life is unexpected. Even the most healthy individual could find themselves becoming injured in an accident or developing a rare and unexpected illness. As scary as this thought is, the thought of dealing with the financial strain of the situation … [Continue reading]

What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance is important for anyone who frequently ships expensive or fragile cargo, either through a company or personally. If cargo is lost or damaged while in shipping, most shipping companies are not responsible for any damage. This means the … [Continue reading]