What is Health Insurance?

Life is unexpected. Even the most healthy individual could find themselves becoming injured in an accident or developing a rare and unexpected illness. As scary as this thought is, the thought of dealing with the financial strain of the situation alone is just as bad. However, having health insurance can help to alleviate some of this stress.

Health insurance is perhaps the most important insurance anybody can have. Sadly, it is often one of the most ignored insurance policies by those attempting cut expenses. Health Insurance is a type of policy that will pay at least a portion of medical expenses accrued from an illness or an injury. This covers doctor visits, surgeries, prescription medication, and any other medical costs. Even more, health insurance helps to promote healthy lifestyle habits by making it less of a financial strain to make and keep routine check-ups and physical exams as well as vaccines. By simply having insurance, maintaining good health through consistent preventive care is much easier.

There are multiple types of health insurance policies, each suited and designed for different people. However, there are a few industry standards that are usually covered no matter the plan or the provider. For example, prescription medications, MRIs, CAT scans, X-Rays, blood tests, pap smears, emergency services, visits to primary care specialists and referrals for any condition not covered by the average physician.

Without health insurance, emergencies can become a major financial stress. Trips to the hospital alone can be enough to break the average person’s bank account.

Who Should Get Health Insurance?
Everybody should have health insurance of some form. Health insurance, like all other insurance policies, can be an easy thing to ignore in the name of saving money. On the average day of most people’s lives health insurance does nothing for them. The monthly premium comes out like clockwork, almost never actually helping the owner accomplish anything. However, when it does become important, it is the best thing in the world to have behind you. Often, medical bills grow exponentially, quickly overcoming any type of savings that was in place.

There are no laws that require people to have health insurance and rarely are there laws to require employers to provide it to their workers. However, when the issue arises people are always glad to have the policy there. It can decrease medical bills and costs greatly and make already unfortunate situations all the more easier.

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