What is House Insurance?

House insurance is more commonly known as homeowner’s insurance. Owning a home can be very expensive. From the initial purchase, taxes, and growing interest – home ownership is pricey enough with adding additional fees. However, homeowners insurance can be one of the most essential things on the market today for those buying a new house. Homeowners insurance is not a type of insurance required by state law. However, many lending companies will require it before giving a loan for the purchase of a house.

The policy will protect owners in the case of damage of the home or the belongings inside. It also protects against any potential law suits that can arise from injury in or around the property by guests. While it may seem unlikely, even the most maintained home will experience issues. And when one of the issues results in an injury, homeowners are often held responsible. For example, if an invited guest is visiting the home and they trip on a loose tile and injure themselves, the homeowner will be on the hook for any medical bills, pain and suffering charges, and missed wages. This can become an expensive loss very quickly. However, homeowners insurance will cover these types of situations and cover at least some, if not all, of the bills incurred from the lawsuit.

Who should get House Insurance?
Anybody who owns a home should have homeowners insurance. Even those who are not concerned with potential lawsuits, a policy will also protect against flooding or fire and the large losses that can grow out of a natural disasters.

When purchasing a home, most lenders will lay out homeowners insurance options for the purchaser to choose from. Lenders will often, at the very least, require basic homeowners insurance. In the case of something that damages or destroys the home, the lender is at a loss as well. The same goes for potential lawsuits that could target the property. In most cases, the homeowner does not actually own the home until the lender has been fully paid off. Until then, the bank or lender holds the title. And if the property is sued, the lender could face the same lawsuit.

Overall, homeowners insurance is important for anyone who owns a home. It protects owners from a plethora of unfortunate situations. No matter how new the home is, there is always a risk for potential loss. House insurance reduces this risk.

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