What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance is important for anyone who frequently ships expensive or fragile cargo, either through a company or personally. If cargo is lost or damaged while in shipping, most shipping companies are not responsible for any damage. This means the full loss goes to the one who shipped the cargo. Cargo loss or damage for a business can mean a great loss both financially and damage the company’s reliability in the eyes of the client. Once the cargo leaves your business, it is fully relying on the experience and ability of the workers transporting your cargo. This can be a lot of responsibility if the cargo is a huge necessity to your business survival and success.

Cargo insurance will cover any financial losses from having cargo lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed in shipping. Cargo is damaged in many ways. For example, if the cargo is being shipped by boat – water damage is real threat that can destroy fragile cargo. There are just as many dangers when shipping through air, by rail, or even through a truck company. In the end, having a valuable item leave your possession to be delivered anywhere in the world is a risk to the item.

Who Needs Insurance?
Any shipping company that moves a large amount of cargo would do well to invest in the cargo insurance. Because of the sheer volume that the cargo is shipped in, the chances of loss or damage increase greatly for that shipper. However, there is no law requiring companies or individuals to purchase cargo insurance, rather they ship professionally or personally.

Ultimately, the choice to purchase cargo insurance boils down to the individual value of each item that is being shipped and rather or not the shipper can afford to risk the loss. While it may seem unlikely, it is possible for shipments consisting of multiple packages to get lost. If this happens, is it worth the cost and premiums to be protected through cargo insurance or to simply take the loss. Most companies that ship on a regular basis cannot afford the loss of their cargo, and thus choose to purchase the insurance.

Even more, there are varying levels of cargo insurance, as with nearly all other insurance types. For extra money, the good can be covered almost completely, and the loss or stolen cargo coverage will kick in sooner. Either way, at least partial coverage goes a long way to ensure the success of those who ship a great deal of cargo.

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