How to get life Insurance?

In the life insurance programme you have chosen enter in it your personal information height, weight, birth date, select the coverage you would like and put in your contact information to get a free list of price quotes. One can use an agency to get more information on the insurance policy they wish to take or even better they can Google all the information they want on the insurance policies and types of insurance, but an agent is usually willing to call you to follow up on your inquiry. You then complete an application with the company you’re interested in buying life insurance from for example CFC life, Apollo insurance company etc

The company will work with you to schedule a medical exam to make sure its the truth about your medical history, and will evaluate your current state of health. The medical examiner will do a basic checkup, and take blood and urine samples to ensure that you are healthy and one is not suffering from any medical problems.

You then put a request for a copy of the medical evaluation results to be sent to you for your records in case coverage is denied so that medical records can stand in for you once coverage is denied.

If you get approved for coverage the price the company offers you shouldn’t be higher than what they quoted you. But if they discovered something during your medical exam that wasn’t made apparent before, they can either reject your application, or offer you an insurance but at a higher rate.

The final step is to make your monthly payments and after sometime you start enjoying the insurance.

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